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If a new car is to be bought, this is a major investment for many people. Often, however, the small change required to pay for the dream car in cash is missing. Then there is often nothing left but to go to a bank to have the car financed. In most cases, it does not look good there if there is a negative entry in the credit rating.

As a result, the financing is usually rejected – regardless of whether you have other collateral or not. For many people, this is a big shock that has to be processed. However, only very few people know: you can finance your car with bad credit.

There are several foreign and banks that offer customers auto financing without credit information. Many people do not know that there is no credit rating society abroad. With banks, it can be very cheap to take out a loan, but you should always keep in mind that the different currencies pose a risk. Banks do not offer direct car loans, but other types of credit or loan with which you can finance your dream car just as well.

In the case of interest, an intermediary establishes direct contact with the foreign credit institution. However, there is still a small disadvantage here, because there are additional costs, such as fees for the agent. But when it comes to financial issues, you should seek help from a reputable specialist rather than having to look after your financing later if you have gotten a loan shark or have been the victim of a credit rip-off. To find out enough about the various options you have to finance a car.

Interesting loan offers for you, what should you take into consideration.

Interesting loan offers for you, what should you take into consideration.

You can find a good comparison of credit providers in our credit comparison. If you are looking for a loan provider directly, we recommend the credit broker, who has been on the market for over 40 years and offers his loan offers without any upfront costs.