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SACRAMENTO, California., November 11, 2020 / PRNewswire / – 420Property.com announced an improved and renamed version of its website called 420Property.com 3.0. The updated website improves features that streamline processes for people searching for real estate, businesses for sale, and financial resources in the cannabis and hemp industries.

Services offered by 420Property.com Version 3.0

Version 3.0 of 420Property.com includes opportunities for entrepreneurs interested in buying, selling or renting cannabis and hemp properties. The website also helps investors and business owners explore equipment options, including designs made for growing cannabis and extracting essential chemicals from cannabis and hemp plants.

Newcomers to the cannabis and hemp industry can count on 420Property.com to help them find professional help. The professionals listed on the site offer a wide range of services, including valuation, real estate brokerage, financing and insurance services.

Legalization of cannabis will lead to increased demand for real estate

420Property.com has decided to revamp its website for the 2020 election (and potentially federal legalization in 2021 or 2022). Voting initiatives in five states have created new real estate and business opportunities. Mississippi residents voted to allow medical marijuana for residents of their state. Voters paved the way for the cultivation, possession and sale of recreational cannabis by Arizona, Montana, New Jersey, and South Dakota.

As more states choose to end the ban on cannabis and hemp, the demand for real estate will increase. Governments typically set strict regulations that prevent companies from shipping cannabis products across state borders. Reaching new markets therefore means that investors and cannabis business owners will have to buy local real estate for cultivation. Retail space prices are expected to rise as legalization approaches. Cities Across United States saw property values ​​skyrocket after cannabis legalization.

420Property.com, Founder, Ryan george said: “For years we have seen people struggle to break into the cannabis and hemp industries due to lack of real estate and resources. There aren’t many resources for entrepreneurs trying to Breaking into the cannabis space. It is also difficult to obtain funding in the cannabis industry, as the federal government still considers cannabis illegal. 420Property.com offers a unique resource where anyone can search for goods cannabis-related real estate, businesses for sale, locate professionals and obtain information on financing, insurance and banking. “

“We know the cannabis and hemp industries have huge room for growth. 420Property.com has become a cornerstone of the business lifecycle and we want to make sure the platform is efficient and of the highest quality. for our users. “

About 420Property.com: 420Property.com launched in 2016 and since then is the leader cannabis and hemp real estate listings, businesses for sale, professional resources, funding, Assurance, and equipment for sale.

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