Career Advice: Website Design Will Always Be In Fashion


This pandemic has shown us that web design and mobile app development are growing fields and will continue to be so in the years to come.

Shivani Manchanda


Posted on 09/28/20, 9:15 PM

I am currently taking a fine arts course, but am thinking of learning web design or mobile apps. Is it possible? I know that I can continue to develop my career in the fine arts, but the mobile apps are so necessary that I wonder if I should give it a try.

This pandemic has shown us that web design and mobile app development are growing areas and will continue to be so in the years to come. If we look at a website or mobile app, it has three main components: programming or coding, design, and user interface. Depending on how long you are ready to retrain, you have three options. Since you are working on a fine arts degree, I guess you already have a good sense of design.

If you want to enter the world of programming, there are several private institutions or even free online courses that will train you in HTML (basic structure), CSS (for design), C ++, Java, JavaScript (for interactivity or user engagement), Python, SQL (database query) and so on. My suggestion is to start with one and see if you’re ready to do the homework of learning the nuts and bolts of website development and design. Since you come from a design background, you could potentially focus on design elements and then gradually switch to other languages. This will probably be the longest route for you, unless you already know a bit of programming. If you don’t have any programming knowledge, my suggestion would be to head to free learning sites like Coursera or Edex, or even YouTube tutorials, to try your hand at some simple courses available online. If you like these and crave more, you can enroll in a suitable course in the field.

If you don’t want to retrain for too long, you can also consider collaborating with someone who is already trained in the nuts and bolts of programming. You could then provide the design aspect of the partnership. Computer graphics, Photoshop, Coreldraw, and Illustrator are some areas that would blend in naturally with your design background.

Whichever route you choose to take, make sure it is aligned with your main strengths. If it’s in the design realm, focus on the courses and pathways that will make the most of your strengths. Your decision should also depend on your interests and how long you are willing to retrain. Don’t get carried away by the latest trends. The key to true career planning is to bring out your strengths and integrate them with emerging trends.

Shivani Manchanda holds a master’s degree in vocational guidance and child development. She has advised on opportunities in India and abroad since 1991. Send your questions to [email protected] with Ask Shivani
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