Eritrea: “We should start teaching web design in high school”


Temesgen is an experienced engineer who develops software and hardware. He was instrumental in the successful establishment of the EdTech lab at the Eritrean Institute of Technology (EIT) and worked on several projects that improved campus internet services. He also volunteers as a teacher, teaching robotics. He is renowned for his time management, while his willingness to help people who practice his area of ​​expertise is one of a kind. He’s about to show everyone that web design can be developed by anyone who wants to study the field; especially at a young age.

Thank you for your time! Please tell us about yourself

My name is Temesgen kidane. I was born and raised in Asmara. After completing my 11th grade, I went to Sawa with the 21st round to complete my high school education and complete my national service. At that time, joining the Computer Engineering Department at the Eritrean Institute of Technology required exceptional grades, but since I had scored 3.8 on the registration exam, I easily joined the Computer Engineering Department. The main reason I chose computer engineering is that as a child I was always fascinated by the limitless tasks a computer undertakes, especially games and movies.

How was your university experience?

Personally, I believe college is where you build your future. The projects you work on have the power to decide where your future goes. So I thrived to create and got into a lot of things that I assumed were worthwhile projects. Some of the projects are; a small project on creating an online shopping site and for the graduation project my friends and I created a prototype of an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). In addition, I was also part of a large project jointly initiated by the partnership of Eritrea and Finland. The main objective of the project was to create an EdTech lab at EIT and the team successfully founded the lab. The EdTech Lab project was fully funded, so I had the opportunity to make an FM transmitter and later a pyramid hologram. Honestly, the EdTech project was a turning point for me; I learned a lot in particular the basics of robotics and I still work with the knowledge I acquired at the time. It was a lab where we could come up with a variety of ideas and with the facilities we had, they were easy to execute. This trip lasted three months.

What happened after EdTech?

By the time the EdTech project was finalized, I had also completed my college education and had been assigned to the Beleza Database Center. After working there for two years, I was reassigned to the Asmara Duty Free Center. The reason I got reassigned was that they wanted to create inventory software to make their operations easier. It wasn’t just simple inventory software, it also included currency exchange rates. In addition, I am currently engaged on projects which help the rest of the duty free branches around Asmara.

In addition to being a developer, you are also a writer, enlighten us on that?

Yes I also wrote a book. The reason that prompted me to write a book is that many computer engineering students always come to me asking for help with their various projects. So I told myself that I couldn’t reach them all and the only way to give them a guide at the same time was to write a book and share it with everyone. The book is called Web Development with Framework. It helps you build your own website using Codeigniter. I don’t mean to sound patronizing, but I want the people who work with me to know what I know, they need to be able to understand and read the software that I have built, so this is one of the reasons for which I donated the book. Anyone who is interested in web design and cannot find my book can contact me and get it for free. I voluntarily teach robotics so I started writing my second book. The book is a bit improved from what I’m teaching, but it’s mostly about robotics and how to make one.

How was your teaching experience?

The program is fully funded and anyone interested is welcome to attend classes and learn for free. Most of my students are young and I like it because I think young people should learn the basics of web design or building a robot from an early age. I don’t like the fact that someone has to wait until college to get the basic knowledge of robotics and web design. We’re starting to learn the basics in college and time to build bigger projects might be limited. I hope we can reconsider situations like this and make college the platform for creativity and the path to improved technology. So the program I volunteer for could be a way to solve such problems and I strongly advise people to participate. Also, I would like to note that this is not for the younger generation that only anyone interested in building robots can join.

Future plans?

As I said earlier, I have several upcoming projects with the Asmara Duty Free Center and will continue to teach.

Thank you and we wish you


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