How is artificial intelligence reshaping web design and development?


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By Ankit Gupta, CEO and Vice President,

Modern industries follow the consumer-centric approach, where the customer experience has become the epicenter of the business world. As the continuous evolution of technology determines consumer behavior, an important aspect of modern technology has emerged as the champion of transformation: artificial intelligence. From manufacturing to digital services, AI has succeeded in changing industries. Above all, in the digital age, AI is playing a crucial role in reshaping web design and development.

Artificial intelligence technology featured in science fiction films captivating viewers and depicting the future world takes the form of reality. In fact, not only has the industry upgraded, but modern lives have been redefined thanks to AI. According to Statista, the global AI market was estimated at nearly $ 7.35 billion in 2018, and is expected to increase tenfold by 2025. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are expected to spread in the market for consumption over the next few years, and this will directly impact the way web design and web development work.

In today’s global and competitive market, businesses are deploying AI to reinvent themselves and as the first point of contact between consumer and business, websites should also be upgraded as a priority. Thus, it becomes essential for web and application developers to adapt to the changing environment and adopt AI for their evolution. AI-enabled machine learning programs also help create smart websites that serve multiple purposes for an organization and help them gain traction with consumers. Advances in AI have also helped improve computer performance and increase storage capacity. All of this has enabled businesses to manage big data and leverage big data analytics for growth.

The role of AI in the evolution of web design and development

From user experience and product / service presentation to quality analysis, security hardening, coding and more, artificial intelligence and machine learning are constantly helping deliver the best . In addition to opting for advanced AI-powered web platforms, companies are also hiring web developers, especially to take advantage of AI-based security solutions. Both implemented and AutoML is proving beneficial for integrating testing and upgrading functionality in websites. In summary, advances in AI have a direct impact on user experience and user retention.

Whether it’s improving site performance and responsiveness on computers and smartphones by deploying AI-based solutions or integrating chatbots and interactive features to improve user experience, it has become essential for web developers and programmers to rely on AI and ML. Even in the mobile app development segment, AI has changed the way apps used to work. With the new face of mobile apps spanning smart shopping and entertainment to games and utilities, AI is proving to be the foundation for futuristic app experiences.

Implementing AI in Web Design and Development

• The latest development in HTML-based website development has been the integration of AI-based algorithms. In fact, working on AI-enabled platforms has made it easier for web developers to make decisions related to design, layout, branding, and content. Real-time suggestion based on analysis of existing similar websites helps businesses to create better web interface, which can effectively reach target customers.

• Gone are the days of building websites from the basics, the latest AI-enabled platform comes with automated building blocks that can be incorporated into the website building process. Not only that, AI has also facilitated developers with AutoML or self-learning algorithms that help to create codes in smarter ways. Whether it’s a chatbot or a smart app, these ready-to-use web building blocks make tasks easier, faster, and more efficient.

• Recent research has revealed that over 60% of customers return to websites with the option of live chat. This has made chatbots a priority for businesses to create impactful websites. These AI-powered chatbots deliver a better user experience and better customer engagement by simulating a real conversation. The AutoML system also allows chatbots to adapt to responses and develop new actions accordingly. With increased consumer engagement, the new websites presented can bring great benefits to businesses.

• Quality testing has become an important prerequisite for keeping a website alive. Today, many website development companies are using AI algorithms to replace mundane, tedious, and repetitive QA check tasks, so developers can work on improving other important features. Security is the next big step in website development, and AI-powered ML greatly helps in strengthening the cybersecurity features of websites and keeping consumer data private.

• Consumer behavior is also constantly changing with the evolution of technology. Therefore, developers use AI to analyze consumer behavior and build websites that can deliver optimal results. Image recognition, virtual purchases, AI assistants, etc. are some examples of AI intervention in web development.

• The new truth in the online marketplace that – content is king – has been fully understood by AI-powered web analytics systems. The tedious task of collecting and collating data from the existing web and comparing it to create a better website is now done using AI systems. This has resulted in an increased presence of content rich websites which can create a great impression on consumers.

Although AI and ML have created big riffs in the website design and development industry, developments are still in their infancy. The coming decade will bring new applications of AI, which will create a better consumer-centric market in all industries. It remains to be seen, what magic future webmasters will create by leveraging artificial intelligence, but the future is surely bright.

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