HTMLCOIN Releases AltHash Web Platform and Signs Memorandum of Understanding for Blockchain-Based Birth Certificates


CHICAGO, October 4, 2018 / PRNewswire / – HTMLCOIN is a hybrid coin that integrates smart contracts into Bitcoin Core protocols. Today, HTMLCOIN is announcing major developments to bring blockchain technology to all corners of the world in support of important social issues.

At September 26, 2018, at the Philippine Consulate in Chicago, the ALTHASH blockchain, represented by HTMLCOIN, has signed a memorandum of understanding with Kinasang’an Foundation Inc. (KSFI) to secure newborn birth data on the ALTHASH blockchain. As supervisor of Wellness Family midwifery clinics in Mindanao, Philippines, KSFI will then download and secure the research results resulting from the use of the blockchain by KSFI. The results have the potential to dramatically reduce the alarming number of newborn deaths worldwide, reaching 2.7 million per year.

HTMLCOIN is rapidly accelerating its partnerships with other healthcare establishments through South East Asia and the world and is proud to have chosen KSFI as a launching pad to acquire a user base in the healthcare community. Additionally, signing the MOU opens the door for individuals and organizations to interact and use the ALTHASH blockchain, as the new web platform contains the Myoffspring DAPP, which records the location and date of birth of newcomers. born, parents’ names and other information.

The ALTHASH Blockchain web platform is the home page for all DAPPs built on HTMLCOIN’s ALTHASH blockchain. Over the next six to twelve months, at least twenty-five DAPPs will be released, ranging from e-governance (for example, tracking votes) to healthcare (for example, newborn registration) to l ‘online art learning (eg recording artists’ creations). Two DAPPs were originally released as use cases: MyOffspring, an app to register newborns and create digital certificates on the blockchain, and the TokenFarm, which allows anyone to create tokens by filling out a form in less than a time. ‘one minute and is particularly useful for businesses. owners who want to reward loyal customers. The HTMLCOIN team encourages and supports DAPPs created by their community, curating their content and making them available on the web platform.

For more information on HTMLCOIN and ALTHASH, contact Executive Vice President for Business Development A. Rahim alzahrani To [email protected] or visit the company’s website at and

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Signing of the MoU at the Philippine Consulate in Chicago


Release of the AltHash Blockchain web platform


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