MCG goes paperless, all work is now carried out on a web platform | News from Gurgaon


GURUGRAM: The Municipal Corporation of Gurugram (MCG) has moved to dematerialization with the launch of a web platform developed by the service of urban local authorities (ULB) to check irregularities and make operations more transparent.

Thanks to the Work Management System (WMS) platform, all ULBs and municipal corporations now carry out all administrative and other activities – including project definition, preparation of quotes and approval, distribution of work, technical penalties, filling out measurement books, preparing invoices, approving payment of invoices and auditing – online.
“All of this work is being done online via WMS starting Friday. The system was designed to be a scalable, reliable and centralized web application. It is a centralized platform to serve ULB offices across the state, ”said a senior MCG official. The agents and employees of ULB and municipal corporations have been trained in the proper functioning of this system.
The system will not directly affect residents, as it is primarily intended to streamline the internal work of the department.
This will, however, ensure transparency and help monitor the timing and quality of ongoing development work, officials said.
“The WMS will allow officials to monitor the quality of various works in progress and their completion within a specified time frame. Information on any type of delay in the completion of the works will also be posted on the portal, ”added the MCG official.
The new system will also help to consolidate the work processes of all ULBs on a single platform. “This web portal will allow the transparency of the work carried out in the ULBs and will also help to slow down Corruption», Declared an official of the ULB department.
ULB State Minister Anil Vij previously instructed officials to carry out the allocation of development works in all municipal bodies and complete the entire tendering process, d ‘execution of works and online payment via this portal.
According to the directives of the Director General of the ULB Department, the projects already underway will continue according to previous practices, but all new development work will be carried out strictly through WMS. The order said strict action would be taken against officials found manually processing new projects.


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