Narendra Yadav – The Game Changer in Web Design


Technology is at the cutting edge of technology in this modern digital age. The IT industry is growing at a rapid pace in this age of digitization. While the Prime Minister himself laid the groundwork for Digital India, the IT industry has seen many Indian start-ups created by Indian entrepreneurs clash with foreign IT giants. One of these start-ups was TRUPEX, founded by Mr. Narendra Yadav. Narendra is originally from Jaipur Rajasthan and only studied in Jaipur. Due to some financial constraints, Narendra had to drop out of college. These were difficult times for him. But he didn’t give up, constantly working hard to make his dreams come true and after spending countless sleepless nights Narendra finally started Trupex 6 years ago. Trupex is a software development company specializing in computer work development, cloud computing, e-commerce website building. They have already launched a number of cloud computing and data hosting services. The company also specializes in business management software. Narendra had a clear vision when he started the company to provide the best and best web design services in the world. Narendra says that for him and his business, customer satisfaction is the number one priority. “The first priority is to gain the trust of the customer,” he says. “If you earn the trust of the customer, then the customer also attaches to the business, then the money automatically comes back to you.” The business has performed exceptionally under the leadership of Mr. Yadav, as the start- up has now caught the attention of many foreign tech giants who are now looking to invest here. Mr. Yadav also recently received the award for best selling software, adding another feather to his cap. Indeed, Narendra has set a great example for future entrepreneurs in the IT industry and is definitely an inspiration to seek out.


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