Rivers Cuomo of Weezer shares 2,655 never-before-seen demos for his “web programming class final project”


Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo shared a whopping 2,655 never-before-seen demos via a new web market page.

Cuomo took to Twitter to announce the material as the final draft of his “web programming course,” which he is currently completing through the non-profit e-learning platform edX.

The demos are taken from Cuomo and Weezer’s long discography, and are separated into bundles spanning years of Cuomo’s musical career.

A brief overview and explanation of some packages can be heard on the webpage, narrated by Cuomo himself.

While each bundle sells for a flat rate of $ 9 (£ 6.70), the number of tracks in each package varies widely.

The shortest, a main session of “Gravity Will Bring You Down”, lasts just over 15 minutes, while “Alone XI: The EWBAITE Years”, contains 1113 demos and lasts 38 hours and 25 minutes.

Cuomo also posted an explanation / attention to buyer on the page, noting that any demo can have ‘silence’, be ‘extremely inappropriate’, or maybe just ‘me rambling, talking, doing sounds “.

He also added that buyers may receive additional content as he uncovers other older demos in his backlog.

“On the bright side, I realized that I could add files to the dropbox folders after they went on sale,” Cuomo explained.

“That means you can re-download the specific set or files and get additional content as I find out. Very cool.”


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