Sound Legends launches platform and web services for independent musicians worldwide


Photo credit: Andrew Petrischev

Sound Legends is a new digital music platform that helps independent musicians immediately sell their music to a global audience.

The following was created in collaboration with Sound Legends, a company DMN is proud to partner with.

The service empowers future musicians by streamlining the music distribution process for all major digital streaming services, including Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube Music. The company offers a free trial pricing model to provide distribution access to artists worldwide. Artists can upload and share their music while collecting 100% of their revenue. After the 60-day free trial, artists can continue to receive 100% of their royalties for one low monthly payment, depending on location.

Sound Legends provides music distribution, publishing, copyright protection and offers an affiliate program for musicians to earn additional revenue. Sound Legends allows artists to upload their music while retaining creative and financial control of their music. The platform is available in 195 countries around the world.

The company helps its artists reach new listeners through aggressive social media exposure and other exclusive marketing solutions. Sound Legends claims that its tools help artists establish themselves with a global presence through tools like the dashboard. Artists can see where people are listening to their music, the number of downloads, and the royalties and sales collected.

“I’ve always loved the incredible power of music and the brilliant minds that create it. Unlike a book that can take weeks to read or a three-hour movie, a four-minute song has the power to change the world the minute it’s heard,” says Alex Malagon, CEO of Sound Legends.

“A ‘favorite song’ has more stamina than any other medium. You can play it over and over again, rekindling a feeling, memory or idea each time. There are millions of unknown and unknown artists around the world. Sound Legend’s mission is to give all artists a platform to reach the world with their powerful message.

Reporting tools and metrics help artists grow their online presence and find superfans who love their music. The company is working to launch the Sound Legends NFT Marketplace, where artists can create their own NFTs to buy or sell to fans who want music-related collectibles. Sound Legends is creating a metaverse experience that will include concerts, verch (virtual merchandise), and many more collectibles for music fans.

Want to learn more about how Sound Legends is empowering artists with its suite of digital marketing tools? Check website.


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