The Playydate web platform coordinates extracurricular activities for schoolchildren


Two siblings set up a web platform for extracurricular activities to keep kids engaged safely outside of school hours

Conscientious parents have always been concerned about how to keep their children productively occupied outside of school hours. And since the lockdown made going to online or television classes the norm, concern about how to keep children safe and engaged has only grown.

Enter Playydate, a web-based platform that connects educators with parents for local extracurricular activities for children ages eight months to 15 years old in Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Delhi, Chandigargh, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Lucknow, Mumbai, Pune and Thane . Although the platform was launched last year, it has seen more activity now due to current standards of physical distancing.

How it works?

Parents just need to visit the website to find a class, select a time that works for them and book online.

A variety of free trial lessons are available for children to decide whether they want to learn Kathak or coding in their free time. With 1,000 educators offering courses and workshops on Playydate, at any given time, over 500 courses and workshops are available in over 30 categories. Nearly 10,000 parents regularly book lessons, and more than 20,000 transactions are made on the Playydate platform.

Aditya Rajadhyaksha, co-founder, Playydate.  Photo: Special arrangement / LES HINDU

Aditya Rajadhyaksha, co-founder, Playydate. Photo: Special arrangement / LES HINDU

Started by Mumbai-based siblings Aditya and Anagha Rajadhyaksha, Playydate lists activities as diverse as STEM projects and storytelling to dance, theater and crafts.

Anagha is an MBA graduate from Columbia Business School and co-founder of PING, a multi-channel network in India that partners with YouTube India. Aditya founded a marketing company, Quest, in 2007. He also founded an identity and access management startup, VerifyMe.

“Our mother has been a teacher for two decades,” Anagha said in an email interview. “We had the opportunity to observe her process up close – how parents find her class, contact her, register, communicate. It made me realize that gaps exist in this unstructured market. We saw a strong need for a credible platform that could introduce India’s best educators and programs to a passionate and insightful parenting community. This is how we started.

The platform works with a group of community managers to identify the best educators in their neighborhood. Often, teachers are recommended by parents themselves, although the Playydate team takes a merit-based approach to selecting tutors. There are no paid promotions.

“The biggest verification in this space is a mom’s word, and that’s what we value,” says Anagha.

Anagha Rajadhyaksha, founded Playydate with her brother Aditya.  Photo: Special arrangement / LES HINDU

Anagha Rajadhyaksha, founded Playydate with her brother Aditya. Photo: Special arrangement / LES HINDU

She adds: “We have a robust evaluation and evaluation system (carried out by the parents) which is integrated into the platform. Thus, ratings and reviews determine how teachers are promoted on our social media platforms. “

Extracurricular activities are essential for children, especially at a time when technology-based education has taken on greater importance across the world.

“For our children to thrive in the decades to come, they will need to be armed with skill sets that go beyond the grade sheet. Learning to find solutions to a problem and thinking on your own will be some of the essentials for future generations, ”explains Anagha.

She adds, “Holistic development doesn’t mean you’ve got all the answers, it means you’ve developed a mindset and skills to answer questions. This is where extracurricular activities play an important role.

For more information and / or to register, visit or the WhatsApp team on +91 8928062560.


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