Ucartz, an Indian web hosting company, is making great strides


Niche web hosting and domain registration company Ucartz Online Pvt Ltd has expanded its network globally and has many expansion plans in the coming days. From Pan India to Global, the company has grown by leaps and bounds and is ready for the next step. They have already taken center stage as their client list needs no mention. Ucartz currently has a database of small, medium, large and large enterprise customers worldwide.

For any online business, speed plays a crucial role in whether people’s businesses grow or slow. Ucartz wants to delight its users with super-fast speed for client website. In doing so, they have also taken care of backend caching to ensure websites are reliable, secure, and fast. They have put together a team that provides hands-on support 24/7/365. During a recent press conference, the CEO, Mr. Ebin V Thomas, spoke about his plans for expansion without compromising the quality and reliability of the company’s service.

Since its inception in 2013, Ucartz has continuously innovated to achieve its mission: to empower people to fully exploit the web. They provide comprehensive services to millions of users around the world, so that anyone, novice or professional, can access the web and thrive with the following qualities.

Scalability and flexibility

They cater for everyone from large to micro-scale, as different sites require different technologies. Thus, Ucartz has plans that meet customer requirements, showing the flexibility of their service packages. A business can become scalable if it has a super-fast website. They have also ensured that one can run their business smoothly and scale without technical knowledge.

IT consulting service

Hiring a dedicated in-house team of experts to run your business is neither easy nor expensive. Ucartz Hire an expert IT services and services, consultant and business solutions to help grow and manage a business successfully. Every business needs different levels of IT administration skills during different stages of growth. Hiring dedicated administrative staff is always an invaluable option, while outsourced support comes into play as an alternative. Ucartz, with his “Hire a server administratorand the Hire an Expert Services plan, provides dedicated remote server administrators with multi-level expertise at an affordable price.

Ease and a good response time play a crucial role; hence, they have designed their service packages to be extremely user-friendly. A person with little or no experience can easily use their services including website development. Whether you are a large business or a small business that wants to scale in no time. So all in all, Ucartz is the one stop solution for web hosting and IT services and consulting.


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