WatchBox web platform for pre-owned luxury watches launched worldwide – Robb Report


Much has been said recently about the expansion of the digital market in the watch industry, brand after brand (most recently Omega) are slowly embarking on a way that (hopefully) is causing disruptions within their long-standing retail networks. Danny Govberg of Govberg Jewelers in Philadelphia, and Liam Wee Tay, former owner of Sincere Watch in Asia, are no strangers to the world of watch retail, and with their recent partnership on the launch of Watch box, the duo seeks to extend its reach into the world of second-hand watchmaking.

“For us, it’s about creating a transparent way for people to buy, sell and trade transparently.” Danny said in a recent phone interview. The United States and Hong Kong have a large volume of second-hand watches traded every day, and by establishing bases in the two centers, the duo, with CMIA Capital Partners who have invested $ 100 million in seed capital, intends to become the market’s number one destination.

Thanks to a combination of an Internet portal and a mobile app, customers can browse and purchase from a large pre-owned inventory (1,448 pieces at time of publication), as well as connect directly with a knowledgeable member of their team to assess the value of their own watch then sell or trade. With the mobile app, users can also check out the latest industry news from a wide range of publications, and through the app’s WatchBox tab, they can even catalog and track their own personal collection, because the app will display a graph of the projected current market value of each coin.


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