Websnoogie added free extras for web hosting customers


Websnoogie is a web hosting and web design company.

Websnoogie has added free extras that are available to all of their web hosting customers. Everything from free SSLs to uptime monitoring, Websnoogie has it.

We believe this is next-gen customer service for our hosting customers.

— Rod Atwood, Chief Rainmaker, Websnoogie, LLC

OMAHA, NEBRASKA, USA, June 23, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Websnoogie has added free extras to its web hosting platform

As many Omaha business owners already know, digital agency Websnoogie is known for their comprehensive and flexible offerings. The web hosting platform offers a variety of additional services on top of its standard services for each of its customers. Since June 2022, Websnoogie has added even more add-ons to its web hosting platform at no additional cost.

An Omaha web hosting agency added some free extras to their platform:
The Omaha web hosting market is extremely competitive and it is not easy for an Internet user to know who to trust to support him in his project. Choosing a host is indeed a real headache that some try to solve by looking at the various tests and comparisons that can be found here and there on the web. They are then often disappointed when they discover that these sites lack objectivity.

For those looking for a web host that can offer rock-solid technical support with a committed and dedicated team of professionals, check out Websnoogie’s recently expanded offerings. Clients who already use Websnoogie’s services will be pleased to hear that Nebraska’s top-rated digital agency has added some free extras to its web hosting platform.

Free computer services:
As a website grows, its owner will need help with a number of things, such as
Configuring the WordPress site or blog (downloading files, creating the database, installing the chosen theme, etc.)
Theme customization (design, features, small CSS changes, etc.)
Adding plugins or developing custom extensions
Installation and configuration of an e-commerce store
Management of WordPress security issues (protecting the site and resolving possible attacks)
Regular maintenance (errors, technical issues, performance optimization, specific bugs, etc.)
Websnoogie offers all of these IT services and more to its web hosting customers without charging them any extra money. The generous agency makes all the settings changes with the domains so that website owners don’t have to worry about anything or face any interruptions to their online business.

Free SSL certificates:
An SSL certificate is a digital certificate that will bind a domain name and hostname to an organization’s identity. It is a protocol that secures the transfer of data between a visitor’s browser and the website visited.

Using an SSL certificate on a website secures the connection between the visitor and the website. This leads to using the HTTPS protocol, and not HTTP which is the insecure version of the protocol.

To prevent a website from being considered insecure, its owner will need to install an SSL certificate on their website. All in all, they turn out to be very expensive, but with Websnoogie, it is possible to get free SSL certificates when purchasing a web hosting service.

Free website backups:
As often, it is when you have lost your data that you realize the importance of backups. For lack of time, laziness, inattention or ignorance, this aspect is often totally neglected.

Websnoogie has several daily, weekly or monthly backup systems on their server. All except daily backups are included for free in standard hosting packages.

Free 24/7 availability monitoring:
Many professionals are now aware of the interest and effectiveness of availability monitoring to strengthen the competitiveness of their websites. This allows immediate detection of an HTTP outage or error in order to resolve the problem quickly.

Similarly, monitoring a site also makes it possible to correct any slow loading of certain pages of the web interface, which has a positive impact on its referencing. Websnoogie now offers its customers free 24/7 uptime monitoring to improve their site’s performance.

Free marketing consultations:
For small and medium-sized businesses, digital marketing sometimes seems inaccessible, too technical or time-consuming. As a result, they often face difficulties in developing their digital marketing skills. This is where Websnoogie comes in. The digital agency manages the web growth of its clients and transmits all the know-how to them. And all of this is free for users of the web hosting platform.

By using Websnoogie’s services, Omaha business owners can rely on a pool of experts in their field to streamline their web projects and benefit from higher quality websites. For each vision of their clients, the Websnoogie team offers an action plan, at no additional cost.

Free WordPress updates and plugins:
A website owner can enjoy new features and strengthen their website security with regular updates of WordPress and its plugins.

Indeed, outdated plugins often have compatibility issues and security vulnerabilities with other site components, mainly the WordPress CMS itself, other plugins and themes. These issues can significantly affect the core of WordPress to the point of negatively impacting your website’s security level.

By entrusting their hosting to Websnoogie, website owners will never face this kind of problem since this Internet marketing agency now offers free WordPress updates and plugins for its web hosting customers.

Free website design support:
A website plays an essential role in communicating with customers, prospects and partners of a business of any size. It must reflect the objectives of this company while being aligned with the needs of its customers. The design stage is essential to the success of the website. That’s why Websnoogie works closely with its customers and offers free website design support alongside the web hosting service. The agency also offers affordable web design services apart from web hosting packages.

As the winner of “Best of Omaha B2B” in 2022, Websnoogie cares about those who don’t have the right technical skills or the time to deal with them. It is the only hosting company to offer free WordPress setups to its customers in the state of Nebraska and beyond.

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