Yahoo exits website builder and web hosting


Yahoo appears to have exited the website builder and web hosting game for good after selling its Small Business Essentials portfolio to Infinite Computer Solutions.

Called Verizon Small Business Essentials after Yahoo’s parent company, the platform was created to help small businesses build an online presence by providing website builder and Web hosting tools from a single dashboard.

The value of the deal is not known, but it will be the third owner of the software suite.

Online SME Growth

With the acquisition and additional investments, Infinite Computer Solutions says it is focused on growing SME websites.

The company says it takes a lot to turn an idea into a business and then scale to build a business and as a result, Infinite Computer Solutions plans to use its global footprint to bring new investments into the technology stack.

“Growing our business through this strategic acquisition will unlock new opportunities, and our collective skill will help our customers act faster and smarter,” said Sanjay Govil, Founder and President of Infinite Computer Solutions.

“We are creating a sustainable future by creating value more quickly that improves the impact of these investments.”

Infinite Computer Solutions also expects the acquisition to reinforce its “platforming” DNA and strengthen its position in the business operations arena.

Infinite’s Business Essentials portfolio will provide a solution for Infinite customers to start, manage and grow their online business.

“These capabilities will strengthen our digital platform proficiency, giving us an edge in digital business operations and consulting services,” said Shell Sharma, Director of Sales, Infinite Computer Solutions.

The portfolio acquired offers e-commerceWeb hosting, domain registrarwebsite building solutions, marketing promotions, etc.

The acquisition closed on June 10, 2022, but those already using Verizon Small Business Essentials won’t have to change their login credentials.

Those using web hosting email forms on custom coded pages or legacy design tools like SiteBuilder, are required to update the URL, depending on the Verizon FAQs.


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